Dunhill Icon Eau De Parfum for men

Is perfume Dunhill Icon a real icon?

Finally, Dunhill is able to produce something capable to stand up to Dunhill’s reputation. They’ve been in the game for so long and they definitely deserve better than their regular products for the past years. Dunhill Icon Eau de Perfume finally marks the great difference, it is the perfect expression of natural refinement, a translation of the luxurious and classic heritage of the Dunhill house, with, what’s more of a touch of modernity.

Real Icon in a Bottle

Starting from the container which is a heavy – considerably weighty bottle – feeling very sturdy, but not cumbersome or too large in the hand is a piece of great design, not some usual random glass bottle with some lousy chrome plastic cap. Dunhill Icon is surely miles above the usual produce which Dunhill has been getting us used to for the past years. Nothing overly exciting, but it’s good. The composition is aromatic-woody with an opening of fresh bergamot and neroli absolute. Its heart includes spicy and aromatic notes of black pepper, lavender, and cardamom, leaning on a woody base of smoky oud, vetiver, leather and oakmoss.

Dunhill Icon Eau De Parfum for men

Sensations of Dunhill Icon

Dunhill Icon opens with a mouthwatering blend of citruses and spice. The bergamot that dominates the initial impression is fresh, lush and glisteningly drinkable. It feels far removed from the stale, pale citrus openings found in many a mainstream masculine. There’s depth in the opening too, and as the initial brilliance of the bergamot subdues. The caramelized lavender at Dunhill Icon’s heart plays nicely into the hands of the citrus and cardamom syrup of the opening.

Things become sweeter at this point and there’s also a powdery iris inflection that feels decidedly feminine. In fact, things don’t feel particularly ‘masculine’ until Dunhill Icon’s starts to dry down, at which point it reveals a robust foundation of woods, leather, and oud smoke. The base is bold and dry but isn’t without softness and the tension between these opposing forces makes for an interesting experience. The whole thing feels like a contemporary take on the classic and bold masculine fragrances of yesteryear. Remarkably, this spicy glaze isn’t particularly sweet, and instead, adds a thickness that extends the brightness of the citrus notes.

Dunhill “Icon” is a game changer because most of all other release weren’t that great like this, in fact, Icon is Classy masculine clean and superb – it is the right type of fragrance to puff if you want to impress your first date.