Cartier La Panthere Eau De Parfum for Women

Which kind of Beast is Cartier La Panthere?

Cartier La Panthere is truly a wild animal which belongs to the cat family, it exhibits a radiant appearance among its class. The Panthere symbolizes Cartier which that shows that all Cartier’s produce displays both predatory and elegant habit of a Panthere – restrained yet always ready to pounce (dominate with its quality). Also, a Panthere is always found roaring free with emerald eyes, onyx muzzle and diamond-set coat which is why a majestic and fascinating sculpture of a Panthere was inscribed at the heart of the bottle of Cartier La Panthere perfume.

Panthere defined

The panther is Cartier femininity which is divine, exquisite and rebellious simultaneously. In a word free to love and live life to the full, with passion, eye to eye – an unexplored, almost paradoxical accord, a feral floral. Cartier perfumer began with a gardenia. From this fresh flower she set out to create a fragrance that would leave pure, mesmerizing tracks of a color pushed to its animalistic limit.

Cartier La Panthere Eau De Parfum for Women

Cartier La Panthere perfume

Cartier La Panthere is a captivating perfume that reflects a liberated, passionate woman. A feline-floral fragrance born out of radiant, delicate gardenia coming together with velvety notes of musk. Lavish your body and tune your ooze when you wear Cartier La Panthere for women. Its sweet fragrance combines rich notes of strawberry and rhubarb, floral notes of gardenia and natural notes of musk and oak moss. Created by scent designers at Cartier, this luscious fragrance is the perfect choice if you are looking to make a great first impression with that special someone. It can also be worn casually.

Cartier La Panthere is an all season perfume which is going to enable you to evade to a passionate destination with a lush, new fruity floral. The Love is a true treasure among women’s perfumes, a wonderful floral combination which includes nice gold amber, creamy sandalwood and also Tibetan goji berry. The Notorious is a scent which silently requires the attention of the room, an uncontrollable glowing spiced essence created to captivate with captivating notes of great black currant, self-indulgent dark chocolate cosmos as well as delicate patchouli musk.

So when looking for a cool feminine gardenia and captivating perfume, it is best to consider Cartier La Panthere as it brings together the power, elegance, and mindset of today’s women.