John Varvatos Dark Rebel

Be Rebellious with John Varvatos Dark Rebel

Rodrigo Flores-Roux called it a scent designed to express the pleasures that leather gives the wearer. John Varvatos says he wanted to do a badass fragrance. The result of both desires and targets is the new scent – John Varvatos Dark Rebel.

American designer John Varvatos and his longtime collaborator, perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, have pulled out yet another impressive fragrance from their playbook. Unapologetically masculine, this is a smoky, woodsy, leathery fragrance designed to bring out the rebel in you. Like most John Varvatos perfume products, the Dark Rebel has been inspired by rock and roll music, coming the closest to capturing that unique feeling that comes from wearing a leather jacket to a rock band concert.

Dark and Sweet Combine in the Notes

John Varvatos Dark Rebel opens with a mildly assertive leather aroma that is almost outdone by an initial boozy rum. The mild presence of sugarcane in this opening note sweetens this opening note. The sweet sensation is then toned down by the presence of some spices which quickly follow – black pepper, cardamom, and clary sage can be noticed – taking the edge of the leather which is at the heart of the note, making it smoother and softer.

John Varvatos Dark Rebel

Fir and sytrax are used to enhance this beautiful leather accord, making it more realistic and appealing. What feels like benzoin (more of vanilla and then smoky) becomes apparent as the fragrance transitions to its base. The smoky benzoin is a product of the golden tobacco that occupies the heart of John Varvatos’ Dark Rebel. But there’s more to the base notes than just tobacco.

Resinous woods (something of an evergreen note, cade wood, akigala wood, balsa wood, Mexican black vanilla, and ashes) and musk can be felt at the base of the John Varvatos Dark Rebel. These closing notes have a way of further enhancing the leathery notes of the fragrance, complementing it. Overall, it is a combination of the darkness of leather and tobacco with the sweet accords of rum and cognac. Flores-Roux (the nose behind this fragrance) says a kind of snapdragon, skull flower, was also used to enhance the dark dangerous feel of the fragrance.

Standard Longevity; Average Sillage

Dark Rebel which is available in 75 and 125ml bottles is externally designed to appear both dark and rough from the off. It enjoys a longevity of about 10 hours, which is pretty standard, with an average sillage. Sweet and smoky are two qualities that characterize the Drak Rebel. It captures the rock and roll vibe it set out to capture and is something you should try if you love the feel of leather on your skin.