Chopard Oud Malaki

Chopard Oud Malaki – Elaborate Design and Great Scent

Released in 2012, Chopard Oud Malaki is an oriental perfume with a spicy base. Chopard has done a good job of producing top quality perfumes with environmentally conscious fragrances over the years, and the Chopard Oud Malaki for men is no exception.

Oud – at its royal best

Malaki means royal in Arabic and the collaboration between Chopard and renowned French perfumer Dominique Ropion has brought this real close to royalty status. The first hint of royalty in the Chopard Oud Malaki is its elaborate golden bottle design. The golden finish of the tube is complemented by a rich amber-colored liquid. But the elaborate design that has brought together this royal fragrance runs much deeper than its bottle.

Composition and Notes

The Oud Malaki boasts a fruity top note fragrance of grapefruit, lavender, and Artemisia. At the heart of its fragrance are the middle note scents of tobacco, spices, and leather. The Oud can be found in its base notes which is made up of ambergris, woody notes, and agarwood (Oud). The intermingling of a warm and spicy base with a more intense middle note – plus its fruitier top note – makes the Oud Malaki’s fragrance both masculine and intoxicating.

Chopard Oud Malaki


A slightly tart top note of grapefruit and Artemisia quickly dissipates, giving way to the base Oud fragrance. This rich, woody aroma with prominent spicy wood notes is warmly surrounded by a hint of sweet tobacco. This initial fragrance feels relatively rough and deliberately unpolished. The leather note kicks in moments later with a soft touch of amber and a delicate mix of well thought out spices. This woody finish combines to give the perfume a roughness and softness that makes it alluring.

While many woody fragrances have an in-your-face feel to them, some try to tame it. Chopard Oud Malaki brings a different feel to Oud. The base Oud is a prominent untamed fragrance that is given a much better feel by supporting cast of tobacco and spices. Perhaps an equally beautiful aspect of the fragrance is its longevity. Oud Malaki is an easy wear that remains with you every hour of the day.

Availability and Usage

It seems most appropriate for the cold, worn under a sweater or a heavy coat. But it is also not inappropriate for formal occasions. Its gradual progression and projection is a beauty to observe. This luxury fragrance is available in both 50 and 80 ml formulas and is relatively cheap. If you are attracted to Oud fragrances and have used one before, then Oud Malaki is definitely worth a try.