CREED Aventus for her

Famous Niche Perfume Creed Aventus for her

The story of Creed is a long and highly renowned story of a niche perfume house particularly targeting luxury and royalty (Emperors, Queens and Presidential families have graced their impressive list of clientele) since 1760. As almost all perfumers turn to synthetic alternatives for their fragrances, Creed has strongly remained behind its use of top quality natural sources, maintaining its tradition of manual production. It is to be expected then, that this line of perfumery would come at quite the cost.

It is from this incredible source that the Creed Aventus for Her has arrived. The success of the masculine fragrance of the same name (Creed Aventus was first launched in 2010 to celebrate Creed’s 250th anniversary) led Creed to create and launch its female version – Creed Aventus for Her. Much like the masculine version, it is a floral-fruity fragrance that feels confident, mesmeric and invigorating.

Floral, Fruity and Fresh

The masculine version of this fragrance comes in a, well, masculine-looking encasement. Creed Aventus for Her comes in a softly feminine glass bottle with gold and white detailing. The fragrance is even more feminine, opening with top notes of Egyptian green apples, patchouli, pink pepper, bergamot, lemon, and violet. This gives it an initially more fruity accord.

As it settles, Aventus for Her becomes more floral than fruity. This is definitely to be expected of a fragrance with Indian sandalwood, roses, musk and sytrax at its heart. This enhances the feeling of feminity and sensuality at the heart of the fragrance. Blackcurrant, lilac, ylang-ylang, amber and sweet peach form the base of the fragrance, taking you through the day.

CREED Aventus Eau De Parfum for Women

Aventus for Her initially opens similar to the masculine version, with green apples seeming to replace pineapples in the opening notes. Musk which is listed as a heart note can also be felt not too far away from the opening notes. Peach and roses slowly step in to take away the fruity edge of that opener and make it sweetly floral. Perhaps the most difference can be found on the dry down as the woody accords take over without the smoky and birchy feel of the original.

A look to the future from a legendary brand

The “original” Aventus took the past for inspiration, singling out Napoleon Bonaparte as the source of this inspiration. It quickly became Creed’s best seller of all time, thanks to its ability to stand out. Aventus for Her is a little less forthcoming. It looks to the past for inspiration while trying to portray the modern woman.

This makes it quite different from the original Aventus (besides its opening accord). It is legendary and futuristic and doesn’t really settle into anything like its masculine counterpart. Still, it is not by any means poor and is something you might want to try if you liked the feel of the 2010 Aventus. Aventus for Her boasts about 10 hours of longevity and an average sillage. One of its biggest selling points is that it is well suited for use all year round, day or night.