Nasomatto Baraonda

Extraordinary Nasomatto Baraonda

Alessandro Gualtieri releases yet another scent to the Nasomatto line which was previously declared closed to future releases. The Nasomatto line, perhaps the most notable of all the lines run by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, has been famous for out-the-box fragrances like the Black Afgano and Pardon. This latest addition, the Nasomatto Baraonda, is completely different but still keeps to the radical nature of the line.

Manly yet Feminine

The Nasomatto Baraonda, which was released as a unisexual perfume, is initially very boozy, carrying a realistic whiskey fragrance. Talk about manly! This initial scent is soon diluted by a more fruity fragrance that is a mixture amber, vanilla, and labdanum. This lightness makes it feel a bit more feminine. Throw in a bit of rose and javanol, and you have yourself a floral-fruity combination, with the whiskey somewhere in the background. The Nasomatto Baraonda also contains some spicy woody notes, musk, and ambrette.

The very randomness of fragrance that has been the highlight of the entire Nasomatto line can be felt here in the Baraonda. It has a fermented boozy and fruity introduction that almost feels like fresh winter rum. This is tinged by a clear presence of berry which makes what would have been a hardline opener more of a pleasurable mixture that is both feminine and masculine.

As it develops, you begin to notice a detour from this initial combination as a combination of amber and musk become more prominent. The alcoholic introduction almost fades away, just about remaining faintly in the background, new fragrance develops. The combination of amber and musk is diluted slightly with something that feels like vanilla, taking the rough edge off of the amber-ambrette-musk combination. As it hits the home run, the woody notes that it settles into – with something of a leathery feel to them – is more than pleasant.

Nasomatto Baraonda

Masterful combination, extraordinary longevity

It is safe to say that A. Gualtieri has pulled off another masterstroke. His knack for unusual combinations can be felt in this delightful perfume, but this is different from what you might have come to expect from Nasomatto. Nasomatto claims that Baraonda boasts a longevity of over 12 hours and this is definitely true. It can still be perceived on the skin almost 24 hours after.

The initial fragrance that hits your airwaves might lead you to write this off as strictly for men. But before you do, give it a while as it settles into what would be your scent for the day. You’d be pleasantly surprised at how the Nasomatto Baraonda pans out into a truly unisex perfume that is delightful on anyone.